What is NightCare?

In 2012, Saving Moses established a revolutionary new program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. NightCare operates much like a daycare center except it runs over night. Mothers drop off their babies to our center before they go to work. The babies then receive a bath, clean clothes, a nutritious meal, time for play, a lesson, and are put to bed until their mothers pick them up in the morning. We’ve opened four NightCare Centers to nurture these vulnerable little lives.

Why is NightCare needed?

Cambodia has one of the highest populations of sex workers in the world. There are a significant amount of aid groups that are seeking an end to the sex trade, but we have found a severe gap in aid available for the 0-5 year old population. NightCare exists to protect the most vulnerable and helpless population—babies and toddlers. Babies of sex workers are vulnerable to several atrocities. Often these little ones are locked in rooms alone for hours at a time, forced to work in the sex industry by selling condoms, viciously abused by their mothers’ clients, left to wander the treacherous streets of Phnom Penh alone, or left lying next to their mother as she entertains clients.

How is NightCare breaking the cycle of prostitution?

In Cambodia, the babies of sex workers only know one reality—the normality of unspeakable abuse, horrendous acts, and a corruptive childhood. This instills disruptive habits, values, and attitudes for the rest of their life. We desire to break the cycle of sex work by encouraging a hopeful worldview during the babies’ most vulnerable and formative years. Our mission is to protect babies while allowing them to experience a childhood full of joy and innocence.

Do you help the mothers?

The best way to reach a mother’s heart is by protecting her most valued treasure—her children. Our mission is to save babies and toddlers, but by doing so, we have captured the hearts of many mothers. While our staff members build natural relationships with the mothers when they drop their children off every night, our mission is to love, nurture, and protect their babies. If the families need additional services, we refer them to trusted organizations for the help that they need.

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