Why Angola?

The infant mortality rate in Angola, Africa is the highest in the world. Few countries have endured as much turmoil as Angola. Forty years of almost continuous civil war has created devastating effects including a lack of infrastructure, government services, and access to clean water and food. Malnutrition is an underlying cause in most deaths—thousands of babies die needless deaths each year.

Angola was recently dubbed by the NY Times as “the world’s deadliest country for kids.” For more information, please read:
Deadliest Country For Kids

How does Saving Moses help malnutrition?

Saving Moses provides therapeutic milk to six clinics in the Benguela province of Angola. This milk is essentially milk on steroids and is fortified to give a baby with severe malnutrition the nutrients he or she needs to survive. Mothers are referred to our clinics and often need to stay between 4-6 weeks before their baby is healthy enough to be discharged.

What are the success rates of the program?

The survival rate of the babies who complete the full program is 86%. We found that mothers were dropping out of the program because they did not have enough food for themselves while they stayed at the malnutrition clinic. In 2015, Saving Moses started feeding the mothers to encourage them to stay for the entire duration of the program and ensure their baby is given the best chance at survival.

Belito’s Story

Saving Moses
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