The Most Important Resolution: Life

The Most Important Resolution: Life



Darya, an Afghan woman who had taken the birth life-saving skills course, visited a relative whose baby had been born two months premature. She noticed that the baby was not only small but also clearly emaciated and sick. Darya unwrapped the baby and asked what they had put on its umbilical cord.

The family had used dirt from the mud wall, assuming it would help dry the umbilical cord out.

Because of her knowledge from the birth life-saving skills program, she asked for some antiseptic ointment and applied it to the washed and cleaned cord. The infection cleared and the baby survived.


If Darya had not learned that infection from unsanitary conditions can kill a baby, the family would be mourning today.

The information she learned about maternal-child health issues in pregnancy, birth, newborn care and family planning allowed her to literally save a baby’s life. The course she took instructs both men and women in safe and hygienic medical practices for mothers and babies, enabling families to prevent the deaths of mothers and newborn infants. Learn more about our birth life-saving skills program in Afghanistan here. 

We know many of you are contemplating year-end contributions. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible! We would like nothing more than to protect and preserve life for even more babies. Resolve to join us as we save the least of these.








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