Help Sarah Bowling celebrate her birthday!

2016 is a very special year for Saving Moses—we are turning five years old!


Five years old is also a significant age for babies and toddlers in low-income countries. Most little ones that die before age five are dying from completely preventable reasons. This means we can intervene and save little lives every day.

This year, you can celebrate Saving Moses’ birthday by pledging yours! In lieu of gifts, you can donate your birthday to Saving Moses and let your friends and family celebrate with you. Your special day can change the world. Join our birthday club and pledge yours today.

I’m donating my birthday this year and would love for you to help me celebrate!

Instead of asking for gifts or throwing a party, help me celebrate another candle on my cake by helping babies live another year. Would you donate to my birthday fundraiser?

​Let’s party on, friends!

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Saving Moses
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