From Scars to Safety

Thom and Arun are brothers who have lived through the reality of unspeakable abuse.

Before they attended NightCare, Thom and Arun’s step-father would routinely beat them with electrical cords. They came to NightCare with scars and bruises covering their arms and legs. Because their mother is a sex worker, she was unable to protect them at night. Their step-father is addicted to drugs, and took his anger and  frustration out on the boys.

Their lives were in danger every single night.

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This is why NightCare exists. NightCare is a safe haven for babies and toddlers during their most vulnerable hours.

Since they started attending NightCare, they are protected from violence during the night. Every single night, they receive a warm bath, clean clothes, nutritious meal, play time, and…

…a safe place to sleep.

Thom and Arun’s lives were threatened every night before they attended NightCare. Now, they experience genuine love and the joy of childhood.









The Saving Moses staff members are determined to pour out steady, consistent love towards these boys who need it most. Thom and Arun have traded their scars for safety.




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6 thoughts on “From Scars to Safety

  1. Pam Farr says:

    I pray the Lord will bless you and your work and all the children that are safe and loved in your carei thank God for you and your staff who help these very precious little lives each day and night. Thank you thank you so much I pray the Lord will bless you and your work and all the children that are safe and loved in your care

  2. Susan says:

    God Bless your work and those precious children. I pray God will use me as well to help. In Jesus Name Amen

    1. Susan says:

      Love this ministry.

  3. J says:

    Wow! What a testimony. I thank God for the difference you’re helping make.

  4. Susan Hill says:

    Thank GOD these Children will know now that there is a different type’s of Love, Life, Living! I Pray for a Hedge of Protection around ALL that you come across and Have to Deal with may GOD continually bring All of You Out of the Valleys All Glory Goes To GOD!! AMEN AMEN!!!

  5. mrswilliams says:

    An enormous thank you to Savings Moses team for caring about those who, like me, weren’t born into an ideal situation, at risk, etc., etc. Wonderful examples of empathy and compassion for the less fortunate. God bless your team and all those beautiful babies and children.

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