Why are so many babies dying in Afghanistan?

The social, political environment, and cultural practices play a large role in the infant mortality rates in Afghanistan. Health centers and midwives are scarce, the terrain is incredibly dangerous, and societal structure still demands that women don’t leave their homes.

Women are forced into birthing babies alone in unsanitary conditions. If babies survive the birth, many are subjected to illness and disease because of the lack of knowledge in basic infant care.

How does Saving Moses help?

Saving Moses works in four rural clinics in Afghanistan to address this urgent need by preparing midwives to save lives every day, funding postnatal vaccinations, and teaching basic life-saving skills in communities.

Why fund a birth life-saving education program?

Too many deaths are caused by lack of knowledge about the birthing process. We are training community leaders to identify warning signs during pregnancy, practical birthing skills, and how to properly care for newborns. Because of the power of networking and relationship, this knowledge will spread throughout communities and basic life-saving skills will become common knowledge.

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Saving Moses