A Fearless Four-Year-Old


Chan Nu is four years old.

She literally grew up in a brothel, surrounded by madams, pimps, and sex workers. The dangerous streets of Phnom Penh became her livelihood—at only two years old, her mother forced Chan Nu to sell condoms to clients. She used Chan Nu’s innocence and youth to lure men into her brothel.

Chan Nu represents hundreds of babies and toddlers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that have known nothing but the sex industry since day one. She is why NightCare exists.

Saving Moses has relentlessly pursued Chan Nu. We believe her future does not belong in the brothel. We believe in Chan Nu. We believe in her dreams. We believe in the beauty of her life.

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One thought on “A Fearless Four-Year-Old

  1. marian says:

    I am a present partner to”Saving Moses, ministry, thank God for Sarah following God’s plan ,may He strengthen and give more vision to this work, more volunteers, as we pray to God to break the cycle of,women having to live this way for education ,housing and child care for the children. God bless you all and make a way for the families to live normal lives, out of the brothels. God has a great plan, by the Holy Spirit power, A new beginning for them all to receive Jesus Christ ,Amen, I love you and am a widow who will continue to support you in pray and in my limited finances, God is faithful.

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